Bringing you advanced VoIP features and security

Service is our Focus

  • Support calls are live answered by us
  • Our multi-disciplinary team quickly fulfills your requests
  • Reliable architecture and product design using the largest carriers


Flat-rate Billing

  • Per handset monthly or PRI/ trunking monthly
  • U.S. Domestic Long Distance, included with your service
  • Competitive international calling rates on a prepaid system

Cloud-Hosted PBX

  • 99.9999% PBX Uptime
  • Flexible and fast deployments anywhere with a broadband internet connection
  • Forward calls during power or internet outages
  • IVR/ Auto- Attendants
  • Fully managed and monitored by us

AlohaTone Mobile

  • Take your office extension with you
  • Show your business caller ID number
  • Supported on iPhone, Android, Windows, and MacOS
  • Click here or more info

HD Voice Calling

Call Recording


  • Send PDFs as a fax through efax.alohatone.com
  • Receive faxes as a PDF, direct to your email inbox

Text Messaging (Incoming Only)

  • Receive text messages sent to your main office line
  • Another channel to stay in touch with your clients
  • Click here for more info

Voicemail Transcriptions

  • Voicemail audio copies delivered to your inbox
  • Transcriptions let you see your messages

Spam Filtering

  • Stop call bots with a challenge
  • Human callers “Enter the sum of 1 + 7” to ring your phone


Aloha Tone was started in 2005 by Aryn Nakaoka. 


518 Holokahana Lane
Honolulu, HI 96817

Office Hours
Monday—Friday: 8:00AM—5:00PM
Federal Holidays & Weekends: Closed

Email: support@alohatone.com
Phone: 808-356-2911 (Text Enabled)